Music acquires meaning through the dimension of time. Indeed, music is an image of time, expressed through sound.
The expression and translation of time through movement and fluidity is at the core of musicalligraphy as a concept in contemporary calligraphy.
Pieces created within this realm express themselves through the dimension of time, the very notion of which holds a key and primary role in my work.
The representation of time in musicalligraphy may take many forms: sometimes through speed, acceleration, and spontaneity; and sometimes through long-lasting, slow, and repetitive elements.
Amid these moments I enter a different state of

consciousness, suspended between the shortest and longest motion. Here, time does not exist - I

bask in a timeless dimension.
l possess time: I am in it, but it is not in me. Time and timelessness are two sides of the same coin, like everything and nothing.


Bahman Panahi